Пять причин попробовать Smashrun...

These badges won’t earn themselves. Here’s the thing about badges: for thousands of years, human beings have been rewarding accomplishment with symbols of respect. From Roman soldiers to subwayheroes, we’ve bestowed tokens on those who have done something above and beyond. It’s part of our heritage. One could even say it’s intrinsic to our humanity. Now go out there and knock out 500 miles so you can be the first of your friends to earn one of these little devils.
It's the easiest way to log your runs. Logging your runs shouldn't be a hassle. We built Smashrun to make it fast and simple. You can manually add a run in seconds, import a GPX, TCX, or HRM file, or import directly from Garmin or TomTom. Smashrun does the rest, and you can quickly get a new perspective on your entire running history.
Track your progress with detailed stats. Every runner has a history and your stats tell your story. Smashrun's dashboards make it easy to understand what you did in the past that worked, so you can keep doing it. You'll know when you're improving and when you start to plateau. More importantly, you'll see when it's okay to push and when you need to cut back.
See how you compare. Competition is a powerful motivator. Especially when you're comparing yourself against runners of the same sex or age group. There's also a rank breakdown that shows you exactly what you need to do to move up within your demographic.
Мы поможем вам регулярно бегать. Smashrun - это постоянная обратная связь. Вы получили значок, потому что вы достигли цели по пробегу. Вы открыли несколько примечательностей, потому что есть что-то исключительное в вашей пробежке. Ваш беговой отчет говорит, что вы получили еще одну неделю здорового сердца! Мы выделим то, что вам нужно знать и и сделаем это интересно, так, чтоб вы могли продолжать бегать.


Smashrun is a really small team - Chris, Jacklyn, Steve, and Miles (our Smashrunning dog!). Since we started, our mission has always been to bridge the gap between the experience of your run and the way you see your run through your data. It's not always easy to realize how far you've come with your running, or to see how you got to your level of fitness today. That's where Smashrun comes in...