Jacklyn Giron

Jacklyn's in charge of getting people to join Smashrun and keeping them happy once they're here. She blogs on training.smashrun.com, and posts most of our twitter updates at SmashrunHQ.
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Steve Craig

Failure is not in Steve's dictionary (there wasn't enough room because of the extended definition of hubris). He's been making sure web pages get served at some of the biggest sites on the net since Mosaic ruled the web.
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Chris Lukic

Крис спроектировал и разработал Smashrun. Также он основал NewYorkonTap.com. Может он и не самый быстрый бегун, и пробежал не так уж много, но он старается бегать, по меньшей мере, несколько миль почти каждый день.
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